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4. You Never Win When You Play Dirty

2. Forget About The Rules of The Past

6. The Time Commitment Is Intense

5. Go Ahead & Choose Your Appliances

Going into your kitchen remodel/renovation you should know if you want new appliances or plan to reuse the ones already in the space. There are so many choices for appliances and some of them also can affect the design aspect of your kitchen renovation so if you plan to have a Hood over your range then that should be factored in to the design ahead of time to not add any unnecessary costs on the back-end.


When making the decision to update your kitchen you have to keep in mind that while the end product will result in added space, style, functionality and entertainment potential- you are also embarking on a stressful journey that includes loss of use of the key element of your home during the remodeling process. While it can be stressful situation for you and your family, Bring The Crew steps in to take the headache away making the process fun and easy for all involved. 

The rules of kitchen renovating should be a thing of the past. Your home should flow based on how you live in the space, not on rules of the kitchen work Triangle. Here's the honest truth, your house is your house, you can't design based on the possibility of visitors you design based on how you will use the space.

You want to keep positive energy throughout the process to make it an awesome experience all the way through to the end. The contractor that you begin this journey with should be with you until the end. The design process is very expensive for the contractor to devote time to your individual needs with multiple trips to your home with samples, estimating software and getting your feedback. Bring The Crew is just as excited as you to see your vision a reality so keep in mind when you start calling companies out that you are ready to begin your project.

7. Are You Serious?

Don't shoot the messenger! I know you have heard it all before you have to get new cabinets and tear out walls in order to get a new vibe in your kitchen. It's not true. Simply refacing or redoing the kitchen cabinets you already have with fun accents like mirrors and glass in cabinet doors - new backsplash, hardware and countertops can also freshen up the space. Of course, we love to do major renovations but if we only talk about major renovations then we leave out customers who want to freshen up their homes on a smaller scale. Bring The Crew offers boutique style service, one size does not fit all.

3. You Don't Have To Go All Viking

7 Facts To Remember When Renovating YOUR Kitchen

1. Let's Be Real, Kitchen Renovations Can Be EXPENSIVE

There are so many reasons why this is number one. We all have our vision of THE DREAM kitchen and with websites like Pinterest and Instagram and television channels like HGTV we can easily become overwhelmed with design ideas and our vision becomes an unobtainable, unrealistic never-ending money-pit of costs. This is where Bring The Crew steps in to hear all of your goals and help you reach them by keeping the reality of your financial responsibility grounded and focused on necessity of your family's everyday use of the space while adding fun design elements that show your style.

You have to remember that there is an end game. Waking up five days a week to "strangers" in your home day after day can get overwhelming, even for the most excited homeowner. The crew has a deadline that they must reach before they can leave but you are ready to have your home back. We get it, we try to develop a personal relationship with you while keeping our distance to keep you as comfortabe while we are guests in your home.

I just wanted to quote my favorite RHOA, Nene. Of course we know that she wasn't talking about kitchen remodels but it is true. You shouldn't cut corners when renovating your kitchen or any area in your home for that matter. Even if you have a limited budget do not cut costs on the essentials of your home such as electrical lines, plumbing or structural integrity.